Friday, 19 May 2017


Here's my Aussiepals, the visit my brain was dreading. As you can see, it was terrible! 😆 Lovely!! I knew it would be, but my brain didn't. He's lovely and so's Rosie. She's as lovely and bonkers as I'd expected. Actually I felt I'd known her forever, which I have in a way.

The other thing I was concerned about is the western event we're going to soon. I'm not too bad, just a frizzon of apprehension but I will be fine.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Blog Links

I'm now adding links to other blogs. They're going to be a variety, so lifestyle blogs, of course mental health, and creative. I'd love to add other links, but - this is my first:


Elise & Thomas - Our Life Together

Depression and Mental Health Sites

 When my daughter was born in 1985, there was zilch as far as organisagtions/associations/groups went. No-one really to contact to give you help as far as depression or mental illness went. And I went a year without anyone knowing about my state of mentality. It wasn't horrendous, but it wasn't fun, either. I learned to tolerate taking care of my daughter (a little like I learned to tolerate school – you just had to do it. Mumble/moan...). But by the time my son was born in 1988 and depression swamped me again *sigh*, matters were improving, and I approached a number of organisations. The first gave you a list of possible penpals you could write to (don't forget this was the time of snail mail!) so it was a very slow, time consuming task. Today it's so much better, and with the advent of Facebook and various other social media platforms (note the technical term – posh, eh?! :-D ) things are so much better! Anyway, here follows a list, with possible additions to come.

Sick Not Weak
Twitter @SickNotWeak  

Mental Movement (magazine)
Twitter @MentalMovement

Councillors Cafe
Facebook The Councilors Cafe
Twitter @CouncillorsCafe
Mind                                                                                                                                                           15-19 Broadway, Stratford,
London E15 4B
020 8519 2122                                                                                                        

Mental Health Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, SE1  
44 (0) 207803110                                                                                                               @mentalhealthfoundation     
Depression Alliance                                                                                                                                           (Depression Alliance has merged with Mind)

The Blurt Foundation 

Kind Over Matter
Twitter @kindovermatter  
Mental Health Matters

PO Box 9090,

Depression UK

PO Box 10566
NG13 8LU
Uncommon Knowledge Ltd
Boswell House
Argyll Square
PA34 4BD
Tel: +(44)0 1273 77 67 70
Depression Helper