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Creating My Odyssey: KITTY LE ROY***********************************...

Creating My Odyssey: KITTY LE ROY

: KITTY LE ROY ***************************** *********************************** Among my many and wondrous hobbies and interests i...


Among my many and wondrous hobbies and interests is the wild west, particularly the part played by the gritty, gun totin', cigar chewin', whisky swillin', preferably trouser wearin' women of the west. The bucksin fringed frontier females. The female gold prospectors, adventurers, saloon owners, ranchers and cowgirls. You get my drift?

I have my factual favourites. My own emulation, re-enacting living history persona/character/alias is Kitty Le Roy,
whom I discovered in a Titbits magazine (British, and no longer in existence)many years ago. She was a gun totin' etcetera gambler and shootist who was out-drawn in the dusty streets of Dallas - so Titbits reported - by husband number five during the 1880s. She was also a hoofer - or dancer - and prone to wearing gypsy style clothing. I can't claim the latter two identities, but the gambler and shootist - eehah! My granny, who I take after in many ways-don't-ask, was Kitty (Catherine), and I love the name 'Le Roy', so Kitty Le Roy I became.
It's only as the years have roamed by that other, more appropriate characters for me have caught my eye. Captain Ellen Jack was another. Ellen Jack - British and blonde, like me - hailed from Suffolk. She emigrated with her husband, Captain Jack, to America, during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Sadly, husband died, so Ellen took his name, becoming Captain Ellen Jack. She settled in Colorado and took up mining, very successfully, and ran a cafĂ© on the mountain side. She was very handy with her gun and told colourful stories of her life to anyone who would listen. She became quite a legend and lived into a good old age. 

My third and final character is Sally Skull. For one thing, I love her name! She was born Sarah Jane Newman in Texas in 1817/18, so quite an early history, this one. She was born a tough one and became some scary gal (a bit like my protagonist Jeannie in Alias Jeannie Delaney, my novel). In short, she married George Scull, among others, the only one she really loved, and took his surname. She was a brilliant shot - goes without saying - killed men when she felt the need, used a whip with enormous skill, traded horses, ranched, cursed, drank, and people were terrified of her (again, like my own heroine). Sally is the closest to my own protagonist so has become my favourite, but  Captain Ellen is probably the closest to the character I portray.

Apart from my portrayal and my favourite characters, I run Kitty Le Roy's Wild West Saloon on Facebook.

and Kitty Le Roy's Wild West website.

So if my readers fancy dropping into the saloon for a jaw and a jar of snakebite, or visiting my website, you'd be very welcome, and you can read about the editing I'm doing to get my epic novel finished, among other western meanderings. Eeh-hah!- and a good
slap to the thigh!