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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Creating My Odyssey: BLAHHHH.....

Creating My Odyssey: BLAHHHH.....: BLAHHHH..... Right... It's like this... That's how I've been feeling. It's all for the good, but very unsettli...



It's like this...

That's how I've been feeling. It's all for the good, but very unsettling. The story thus fàr has been - for those of you who're newbies here - the rebuilding of my life starting nearly five years ago - that long?! Scheisser! - since complete recovery from thirty years of depression and anxiety. 

As my 'about' and introductionary message says, I'm rebuilding my polymath creativity and life. Which also means that we're redecorating and freshening up the house after thirty years of neglect. 

Not being the most domesticated of persons, matters in those areas have been largely ignored. I concentrated on bringing up two children so that they wouldn't turn into glue-sniffing, granny-bashing, heartless buggers later on. That worked, mostly. More than mostly. They're fabulous adults and we love 'em to bits and we're sooo proud of 'em and we're best mates. So that worked, definitely. I was also struggling with depression and anxiety. I was writing my epic novel because I had to/needed to/desperately needed to, and that did help keep me sane.  

So the house went largely to pot. I did manage to disinfect the loo occasionally (Himself did a nuclear clean up once a week), and did the washing (our sweet elderly neighbour noticed that the washing had been hanging up for a while - a day or two - and she'd been tempted to take it down herself! I didn't want to be seen as domesticated at the time so it got left out...). I managed to cook, just about. I loathed needlework at school and preferred cooking, but daughter was a shocking eater, which put me off cooking forever. I now prefer needlework!

Sooo...not domesticated. 

In recent months, then, we've been eyeing up the house and, our psychological outlooks vastly improved and stimulated, we decided enough's enough! Bit more than a spring clean. I wander around the abode and see stuff that's needed fixing since we moved in (1992ish. Son was four. He's now thirty). A few years ago we did redecorate our bedroom and the hall and stairs and they do look good but need freshening up. A few months ago we redecorated and rebuilt the utility room and downstairs loo. New cupboard fittings, fresh paintwork. Now it's the turn of both the upstairs bathroom and loo and the conservatory/studio. We decided to do it all at once. We're on a roll now. 

We bought new cupboards for my antique curios collection and new glass and decorative wrought iron table and shelves for the conservatory/studio. Love them! Halfway through the bathroom and starting on the conservatory. We christened the new loo last night - hooray! - going downstairs to the cold loo at night was a right pain in the posterior. 

I am suffering a little. We returned from our two weeks in Madeira, and I almost immediately came down with a nasty bout of the flu which meant I missed my sculpture course for two more weeks, and missed writing group. And having the house in continuous upheaval while we redecorate isn't much fun. So yes - suffering a little, mentally. As Husband says, my comfort space isn't. Or wasn't. I was desperate to get out, and low mood descended. Unsurprisingly. So we're making sure the sitting room is comfortable for the evenings. 

We're getting there, and we can see results. Husband is working his butt off with plumbing and putting together the bathroom cupboards. He's so good! It's coming together. Lots of photos to come....

The conservatory as it was...

Friday, 30 March 2018


Hi guys,

Great to connect with you! 

I’m Jo - quirky artist, writer, traveller (I was interviewed by local radio on that subject), mental health advocate, music lover, wild west nut intrigued by science, fascinated by the paranormal, and renaissance soul with a potty sense of humour. 

Four years ago I began a three-year journey towards miraculous full recovery after thirty years of depression – a medication crisis was the catalyst, I’ve never felt this good - and I’m chronicling the rebuild of my polymath, adventurous and creative lifestyle on my blog, 

I’m networking with creatives with mental health issues and reaching people with a voice, and those with depression in particular, to show that depression is the most treatable of mental illnesses. 

By enormous good chance through the crisis and wonderful neighbours, we met the brilliant mental health team, who, with a combination of medication (known as California Rocket Fuel - love it!) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, brought me to where I am now. Which proves that provided sufferers know where to look, help is available. That's the hard part, which shouldn't be the case.

Creating My Odyssey is a great vehicle for my creativity - writing (anecdotal articles and an epic novel) and art - and also covers a myriad of eclectic subjects. I’m unleashing everything that was previously hidden under a bushel, and I've been interviewed and had articles published on mental health and general sites.

I'm posting blog links on my site and would love to exchange links and guest posts with other bloggers, particularly on mental health matters, so if you're interested, I'd love to hear from you. Collaboration with other creatives who suffer or have suffered from mental health problems and exchanging posts about creativity - whatever ideas anyone may have. I'm open to (almost) anything!

I’ve also been writing a humongous novel forever, on and off, particularly during young parenthood and depression, to help keep me sane. Alias Jeannie Delaney is the life story of a devastating cowgirl who’s the fastest gun in the west and also bisexual. Since my recovery from depression I've decided it’s time to get it out there! I’m blogging about it on my site. I've had interviews about my fascination for the wild west, and even appeared on a news item on southern UK television! 

Thank you so much for reading, and I'd love you to follow me on my travels through life.


Many of my pieces of artwork are for sale, although posting abroad is expensive and complex. In those cases I would suggest that the artwork be printed. Many of my artworks are on paper and unframed, others are boxed canvas. I'm in the process of stating sizes and media, and also pricing. Please let me know if you're interested.

I've had mental health articles published here:

(Article 'Not Purged, Leeches or Chucked off a Cliff' published in Poorly Represented, 
a mental health zine.)

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